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Salvage Title Vehicle Inspections

Iowa law requires that all vehicles that are designated SALVAGE or have a SALVAGE title to be physically examined by a "peace officer" who has been certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy to conduct examinations.

The purpose of the salvage theft examination is to physically verify that no stolen parts were used to rebuild a vehicle. The exam is also used to authenticate the ownership of the vehicle that is being presented for examination. A typical salvage theft examination takes approximately 30 minutes, but may take longer if the vehicle identification numbers are not easily accessible or there are problems with the ownership documents.

The physical examination of the vehicle will be performed by an Osage Police officer who has been certified to perform these examinations. If you are requesting a salvage theft examination, you must call 641-732-3777 to schedule an appointment.

After you obtain the appropriate salvage title you will need per Iowa law, have all your receipts gathered and the vehicle is repaired to fix all defects (except body markings, trim, paint and airbag replacement per Iowa Code and Administrative rule) then you will need to go to the following link to complete the necessary information and to make payment;
Below is link to a video with Instructions in case you have questions about completing the online application process.   
You will still to continue to bring all of the receipts for all parts utilized to repair the Salvage Vehicle to the examination for the Officer to view, a completed permit to drive the vehicle for examination to your inspection location which is provided during the electronic application for them and their Salvage Title as proof of ownership.