Osage Police Department
432 Main Street
Phone: 641-732-3777
Fax: 641-732-4483
General Inquiries: osagepd@osagepd.org

House or Business Security Watch

The Osage Police department offers the residents of Osage a House and/or Business Security Watch.  Residents may contact the agency prior to a vacation or business trip and request that a patrol car make periodic checks by their home or business while they are away.  Simply contact the department at (641) 732-3777 prior to your departure and request a security check. You can also fill out the Security Check Form and fax it at (641) 732-4483 or bring in the form to 432 Main Street.
When making vacation plans, or any time that your home will be unoccupied for a period of time, remember to arrange to have  lights turned on by timers at varying times while you're away. Have grass cut in summer, snow shoveled in winter, and mail & newspapers picked up or cancelled so that it's not obvious that no one is at home.

Remember, even with the police watching your home, good neighbors are the best defense against criminal activity. Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other!

NOTE: We do request that upon your return home that you notify us so that the house watch can be cancelled.  You can do this by calling the Police Department at (641) 732-377 as soon as you return home